What is Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a mobile game developed by Robert Topala and released on August 13, 2013. Geometry Dash is based on The Impossible Game . The player controls the character , and his task is to reach the end of the level, on the way to which various traps and obstacles may come across .

Control is carried out using clicks: either pressing the space bar (additionally – the up arrow ) or the screen to which the character responds with a jump, or other actions that depend on the current game mode. The game is paid and available on Google Play , App Store and Steam.


Currently, there are 21 official levels and 1 secret , the reward for completing which are new skins and colors for changing the dice and other modes, as well as a reward in the form of stars and mana spheres . In addition to the main reward, three coins are hidden at each level , when collected, you can get access to certain levels (indicated in the table). There are two modes of passage in the game: normal mode and practice mode . Almost all levels in the game have the same names as the soundtracks used in them. Exceptions: Clubstep  ( original “Club Step” ), Blast Processing ( original “BlastProcess”) and Fingerdash  ( orig. “Fingerbang” ) mega hack v6 free download.

List of levels

No.LevelComplexityStarsMana OrbsSoundtrack composerOutput version
1Stereo Madness50 ForeverBoundInitial release
2Back on Track75 DJVIInitial release
3Polargeist100 StepInitial release
4Dry out125 DJVIInitial release
fiveBase after basefive 150 DJVIInitial release
6Can’t let go175 DJVIInitial release
7Jumper200 WaterflameInitial release
eightTime machineeight 225 WaterflameUpdate 1.1
nineCyclesnine 250 DJVIUpdate 1.2
tenxStepten 275 DJVIUpdate 1.3
elevenClutterfunkeleven 300 WaterflameUpdate 1.4
12Theory of Everything12 325 DJ-NateUpdate 1.5
13Electroman Adventuresten 275 WaterflameUpdate 1.6
(requires 10 )
fourteen 500 DJ-NateUpdate 1.6
fifteenElectrodynamix12 325 DJ-NateUpdate 1.7
sixteenHexagon Force12 325 WaterflameUpdate 1.8
17Blast Processingten 275 WaterflameUpdate 1.9
18Theory of Everything 2
(requires 20 )
fourteen 500 DJ-Nate and F-777Update 1.9
nineteenGeometrical Dominatorten 275 WaterflameUpdate 2.0
(30 required )
fifteen 500 F-777Update 2.0
21Fingerdash12 325 MDKUpdate 2.1
The challenge75 RobTopUpdate 2.1

Elements of the game

  1. Change the character’s appearance with icons and colors.
  2. Practice mode for level learning and training.
  3. Achievements with various awards.
  4. Level editor where you can create your own levels.
  5. Sets of levels , for the passage of which coins and stars are given.
  6. Lost Challenges that grant rewards such as Mana Orbs, Power Shards, and Icons for completing them .
  7. A leaderboard that brings together the best players from around the world.
  8. Hidden Vaults: Common , Secrets and Time Room , where new icons can be obtained by entering codes.
  9. Settings for stable gameplay.
  10. Everyplay support ( Android and iOS ).

Update log

The following table provides official information about the updates provided for iOS , bypassing secondary information (such as notification support).

1.0August 13, 2013Game release + 7 official levels and a level editor .
1.1September 14, 2013Take Time Machine to the next level with a new soundtrack.New gameplay mechanic – mirror mode .Added the ability to annotate custom levels .New unlockable icons and colors.Many bugs fixed, tweaks and improvements!
1.11October 4, 2013Added support for Everyplay. The ability to record and share replays with friends.Bugs fixed.
1.2October 21, 2013A new level of Cycles .New game mode – ball.2 new icons.Bugs fixed.
1.320 November 2013New level xStep .New leaderboard system .New details, level effects, etc.10 new icons and achievements .Error correction.New difficulty ” Demon “.
1.4December 26, 2013The next level of Clutterfunk .New unlockable ships.New details, level effects, etc.Error correction.
1.41December 28, 2013Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash when a player had more than 500 stars or 5 demon levels passed .
1.5January 30, 2014New level of Theory of Everything .New game mode – UFO.New unlockable ships and icons.New details, level effects, etc.Vote by stars and Demon difficulty.Copy / paste in the level editor.Many, many improvements.Error correction.
1.51February 1, 2014Bug fix, which, if you save a large map, crashes the game.
1.6March 25, 20142 new levels and soundtrack – Electroman Adventures and Clubstep .Secret coins at all levels.Destructible blocks.Transparent blocks.Sets of levels .Weekly leaderboard.New colors, icons, ships, balls, UFOs.Tweaks, bug fixes and more.
1.61April 4, 2014Bug fix on iOS 5 devices.Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.7May 22, 2014The next level of Electrodynamix .New speed mode (slow, normal, fast, very fast).New unlockable rainbow trail.New unlockable icons, ships, balls and UFOs.New color.Performance improvement.New search filters that make finding maps easier.New sets of levels.An option that allows other users to copy your online levels (for remixing levels).New tab system for fast construction in the editor .Many different improvements, tweaks and bug fixes.
1.71June 3, 2014Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.8August 7, 2014The next level of Hexagon Force .New dual game mode.Inclined objects.The ability to create levels for two players (on some devices).Lots of new decorations and effects.New achievements to complete.New unlockable icons, ships, balls and UFOs.New color.Performance improvement.Huge changes in the editor. Test your levels in the editor, free movement of objects, flip and rotate groups and more!Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.81August 8, 2014Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.9November 9, 2014New level of Blast Processing .Theory of Everything 2 level up .New game mode – wave.New music system. Build and share levels using music from Newgrounds.com .Backup system. Sync your progress across devices and platforms.User account system.New achievements, colors and icons.Lots of new details and objects.Ability to change the color of objects in the map editor (including 4 color channels).New search options.Improved server performance for loading levels.Increased object limit to 15,000 in the level editor.Many improvements and bug fixes.Lightened the third Stereo Madness coin .More!
1.91November 20, 2014Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.911November 21, 2014Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.921January 29, 2015New performance option that can reduce lag on some devices. To enable it, go to “Options> Smooth fix”.Added group features to the map editor.Increased object limit to 20,000 in the level editor.Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.93February 16, 2015Error correction.
2.0August 27, 2015The next level of Geometrical Dominator .New demon Deadlocked .Game mode – robot.Moving objects.Teleports.Custom coin system .User profile pages.The system of friends and sending letters.Leaderboard of friends.More than 50 new achievements and awards.Lots of new decorations.Animated monsters and objects.Preview mode in the editor.Many improvements in the map editor.Many bugs were fixed.Secrets …and more!
2.01October 7, 2015Bug fixes, and a big bug fixed on the Deadlocked level .
2.1January 17, 2017New level of Fingerdash .Spider mode.Lots of new gameplay objects.Collect new rewards.Quests .Daily levels .Many, many new designs.Lots of editor fixes.Lots of bug fixes.Secrets …and more!
2.11November 12, 2017 ( Steam ), November 14, 2017 ( Google Play )Correction of various bugs.Added Community Store .48 new chests.Adding all icons from the Icon Contest .A tab with the levels you like .The ability to collect levels into folders.Bots for cheating likes / dislikes / downloads have been eliminated.Added high quality textures to the game.Weekly demon .While viewing comments, you can hide the description of the level, and you can also make comments smaller.The moderators have an icon next to their nickname.Senior moderators have appeared.Ability to view the comments of a specific player.

Interesting Facts

  • The name of the game during the beta was Geometry Jump (Rus. Geometric jump ).
  • The music on the Geometry Dash menu was composed by Robert Topala under his Newgrounds Zhenmuron pseudonym .
  • On March 9, 2019, the game got an official Discord server , which, before RobTop joined it, was intended to communicate with the game moderators .
  • There is also a  free version that lacks a number of features. Nevertheless, it surpasses the full one in popularity several times.
  • If you open the game files, you will notice that there are files from Meltdown and World .
  • Completing all of the official levels from the original Geometry Dash (including The Challenge ) will reward you with 190 , 5625 and 63 .
  • Perhaps Hexagon Force should have been called Two Brothers [source?] .
  • On July 27, 2019, YouTube began banning Geometry Dash channels (due to the fact that its algorithms considered passing the same levels as spam).


  • When you jump a little earlier in any level, but do not die, then you can die in textures. This can happen in other games in the series.
  • If you died at the start and quickly restarted the level, the death effect will still be visible.

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