Make money with mini-games

On the Roblox platform, users can program games themselves. Some are so good at it that they can make a living from it.

Ordering pizza is what many are doing right now. Answer calls, bake the pizza, fill it and put it in the wood-burning oven, but very few people do that. At most virtually in “Work at a Pizza Place”. The game is one of the most popular on the online gaming platform Roblox, it has more than 1.9 billion views. The city simulation full of mini-games called “Meep City” and the criminal hunt “Jailbreak” are also in great demand.

These and many other games on the platform are mostly colorful, while the graphics and controls are rather simple. The figures look like Lego men or the pixelated characters from the brick building game Minecraft. Users can also meet their virtual friends and chat there. The target group of roblox mod menu download 2020, the name is derived from “robots” and “blocks”, are mainly teenagers and young adults. In Germany, the game is released from the age of twelve.

Founded in 2004 by the Canadian David Baszucki under the name “DynaBlocks”, the platform is immensely successful. It started with only 100 players, today there are around 150 million active players, 40 percent of them are women. For comparison: The also very successful online shooting game Fortnite had around 78 million active players per month in 2019, according to figures from developer Epic.

15 million games

However, there are a total of around 15 million games on Roblox that are programmed and created by users. And so the platform does not see itself as a Fortnite, but rather as a YouTube competitor. The games themselves are always free, but gamers can collect virtual currency in the game. If that is too strenuous or too slow, you can pay for the so-called Robux via in-app purchase.

One of the people who programs games on and for Roblox is the 22-year-old Pascal Köhler from East Friesland. He has been on the gaming platform for ten years, initially only as a player, later he began programming small games himself. He is now so successful that he can live on the income from his games.

Even if he only does this as a part-time job, the trained automation electronics technician works in the IT maintenance department of a company during the day. “I invest four hours a day in my games,” says Köhler. This is how he learned to program and that also benefited him during his training. He currently has twelve active games on the platform. You can ride a carousel or snowboard in them and feed fish in the aquarium.

Updates every week

In order to keep his up to 13 million players happy, Köhler tries to bring out updates every week, for example a particularly colorful snowboard or a new train for his train simulator. Meanwhile, Köhler also knows what the players like. In his opinion, these are mainly virtual amusement parks and simulations, but not all: his garbage truck simulator, for example, has hardly found any fans. Roblox is a lot of fun for him, says Koehler. You help each other and work a lot with others from all over the world. “Some can design better, others can program better.”

The tools that Pascal Köhler and his colleagues need to program their games are made available free of charge by Roblox in the “Roblox Studio” kit. It already contains templates for objects such as trees, zombies or cars and the software is based on a simple object-oriented programming language. There is also a wiki where the mostly young developers can find instructions and examples. There are around two million active game programmers on Roblox and, like Pascal Köhler, they share in the proceeds from the games.

The company deducts costs for the platform and payment systems from the revenue, the rest is shared with the developers. Roblox does not publish sales figures, in the last round of financing it was valued at four billion US dollars. According to Roblox, it distributed around 100 million US dollars to its programming community in 2019. These include individual top earners with two to three million US dollars.

One of them is Alex Binello, the developer of the most successful Roblox game “Meep City”. The US magazine Forbes already dedicated a cover story to him with the headline ” This is how Roblox krnl download executor trains the next generation of game entrepreneurs “. Pascal Köhler does not want to take this path, but he is still satisfied with his earnings.

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