Walkthrough Operation Sniper: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

OPERATION “SNIPER” (SNIPER FURY) is a game for android with release date 02.12.2015 from Gameloft. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ‘answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, check the Wise Geek website more often.

Operation “Sniper”: PvP Guide (Arena)

How long is the season? The Arena season usually lasts one month. You can view the remaining time of the season in the Main Menu.

Can my weapons and equipment be used in the Arena? In Update 35, each player will have access to one piece of gear and two weapons. Thus, you will not be able to use weapons in the Arena that you received in the Exotic event or anywhere else.

Do my account level or other bonuses I received during the game give me any benefits? In Update 35, every player will have the same health level; your account level and other bonuses will not change or give you any benefits. This may change in future updates.

How can you jump to another platform? Aim at the desired platform and click the Relocation icon (near the shooting). You will activate the jump pack and be transported there.

During the match, I see a collapsing ring. What is it for? The ring is the border of the Death Field, which shrinks, forcing the surviving players to get closer and closer, closer to the center. Players who fall outside the ring (in the Death Field) receive permanent damage (which can be neutralized using the Guard item).

There are small icons on the map that disappear if you shoot them. What is it? These are items used on impact. They appear randomly on the map (even in the air); once you hit them, you will receive a bonus from them. They can be of the following types:

  • Health: restore the player’s health, but not higher than the maximum level.
  • Radar: reveals the location of enemies.
  • Armor-piercing: breaks through cover and deals more damage.
  • Shield: The player receives a shield proportional to the max. Coolant.
  • Recharge: Replenishes the charges of the relocator.

What about the items in the lower left corner of the screen? In the future, you can earn them in various promotions and special promotions. With the release of the update, you will receive 10 pieces as a gift. every item to try! They provide the following bonuses:

  • Immunity: when used, you gain a shield that does not allow damage from any source, but at the same time you are more visible to other players – even through walls.
  • Invisible: When used, you become Invisible for 10 sec. (however, the outlines can be considered).
  • Revenge: follow. 30 sec. the enemy attacking you will be marked – highlighted on the map, even through walls, and will receive additional from your attacks. damage.
  • Mobility: in the next 30 sec. you will be able to relocate without consuming charges.

What can you win in the Arena? In Update 5, victories and defeats will only lead to gaining or downgrading of the Arena Rating. However, in the higher leagues, a cool Holographic Badge awaits you.

After a couple of days of playing, my progress in the Arena was reset. Why? Arena rating has been reset for all players. it was recruited in the Pre-Season, in which players could experience the Arena for 3 days without worrying about winning or losing. If your rating was reset in the middle of the season – after May 9, 2019 – contact Customer Support.

It says “soon” in the Arena. Why can’t I still play it? If “Coming Soon” is displayed on the Arena tab, it means that the Arena is temporarily unavailable. Follow the news in the game to keep abreast of the state of affairs.

Operation Sniper: How to Protect the Base in PvP Mode?

Is it possible to protect the base so that you can return after 10 days, and everything was fine on it? Sure! In the base menu, you will find various options for shields to protect against attacks. Each shield has a specific recovery period. If you attack another player while your base is protected, your shield will be disabled.

What does “Guard” mean in assigning orders to a detachment? A Guards Companion defends your base. Using the “Call for reinforcements” icon will remove them from the base slot, weakening its defense, but you can use this fighter in Special Operations.

How do I know how many followers I need to assign to a battle? To assign a follower to defend the base, go to “My Base”, click on an empty cell and select a follower. Your companions will fight against your opponent’s avatar. Before an attack, you can always view how many followers (indicating their specialization, rank, indicators) you need to eliminate in order to win a PvP match.

Why do I get half the trophies for attacks than my opponents? Each participant’s profit from a collision is influenced by their rating. For example, you will receive more trophies for defeating an opponent with a higher rating, and less trophies for defeating an opponent with a lower rating, so you have an advantage over him.

How can the same user attack me several times in a row? If the enemy failed to attack you, he can try again several times. Even if he eventually manages to defeat you, you will be given time to save, after which the same opponent can find you again through the matchmaking system.

It is not possible to take revenge on opponents, as they disappear. What to do? Please note that you can only take revenge on opponents when they first appear in the Defense Report. As soon as more rivals appear on the screen than provided, the list will be cleared.

It’s hard for me to fight the Assassin who gets close. What do you advise? The secret is not to let him get close. Shoot him while he teleports!

Bonuses do not work in PvP. What to do about it? As a workaround, try waiting 3-5 seconds between choosing a bonus and actually starting the fight.

How to get rid of unnecessary associates? You can exclude some sniper fury hack tool companions from the squad in exchange for OP cards. The higher the rank of a follower, the more VP you will receive for him.

How to improve the base? It is necessary to increase the level of the player by collecting the required amount of OP, then pay the required amount of Gold to increase the storage capacity (which will also increase the level of the base).

How to improve and raise your followers? You need to have two max-level companions with the same name and rank. For example, you want to get Bruce 2 rank: for this you need to have 2 Bruce 1 rank max. level (20 lvl. for 1 rank). You can then upgrade them by selecting one of them and clicking Promote.

How to get more followers? To do this, open sets, participate in promotions and complete tasks.

How do I use experience cards to upgrade my squad? First, go to “My Base” – “Companions”, then click on the portrait of the ally you want to improve with the help of the OP card, select the OP card and click “Upgrade”.

I don’t have enough gold to upgrade my base. How do I get it? If you find it difficult to collect loot from other players, choose the easier way! You can buy the missing gold with rubies and instantly upgrade the base.

What rewards can I get in PvP mode? You can get the following rewards: Gold, Battlepacks, and Companion OP cards.

Why level up? As you level up, you will receive not only energy recovery, but also other bonuses. In addition, you will strengthen the base and be able to train squad members.

Operation Sniper: How do I get in-game money and items?

What do the scoped character cards I receive in Combat Packs and as Daily Rewards mean? These are Raid Tickets and are used to skip certain missions and receive instant rewards.

What types of cards are there and why are they all different colors? Items are presented in the form of cards to facilitate the perception of visual information. Click on the map to get detailed information on it. The map can contain spare parts, blueprints and associates. Cards can be (in ascending order of strength):

  • Simple;
  • Regular;
  • Unusual;
  • Rare;
  • Epic;
  • Legendary;
  • Artifact.

How to use the new items – False Start, Luck, Synergy, Defense, Storm, Help? These items are Gambits and are used in Special Ops to gain an advantage. Use them in any Special Operation by clicking on the cell in the bottom row, near the drones. The Gambit menu will open, where you can select the one you want.

What are consumables and how do I use them? Available consumables – target designator, BB rounds and slowdown. You can select them in missions (Sniper / Assault / Story / PvP) by clicking on their icons at the bottom of the screen.

How do I open a Superset if it is not in the store? Super Packs can only be unlocked during special promotions, so wait for the new promotion to start.

Lost all of my collectibles from the last League! How so? Collectible cards can only be used in promotions for the specific weapon for which they are intended. With the end of the promotion, the validity period of special blueprints also ends, during which you can collect an item from your parts from them (after the end of the promotion, you will not be able to get collectible parts) That is, collectible parts for certain weapons cannot be used to make other weapons in another promotion.

How to use the received gold? Gold is mainly used to create and improve weapons, improve the base and train squad members.

What if I don’t complete the Battle Pass challenges before the season ends? With the start of the new season, the rewards for the old season become irrelevant and no longer available.

Can an action count towards multiple Battle Pass challenges at the same time? Yes, you get progress on several challenges at the same time if the action meets the conditions of several of them at once.

Do I need to complete all the challenges of the stage to receive rewards? No, not all 10 tests are required. You need to complete at least 7 challenges in the early stages and at least 9 in the later stages, so you can complete a stage without completing at least one challenge. But do not forget: more tests – better results.

What is a subscription? Subscribers receive a certain amount of free rubies daily until the end of the subscription period. To find out more, click on the small icon in the corner of the subscription set.

Why did my trophies drop to 2500? At the end of one season and the beginning of the next, your points are reset to 2500. To find out when the season ends, click the League icon (top menu, right side of the OP scale).

After completing the stage, my completed Challenges were not saved. What should I do? Restart the game for completed challenges to count for this step. This feature is only available in Premium Plus. If this does not help, contact technical support.

Unable to view video. There is a daily limit for watching videos. Sometimes it happens that there are simply no videos available for viewing. It depends on the advertising partners, and while the developers strive to ensure that the videos are always available, this is not always possible.

What are Clan Points and how do I use them? Alliance Points are the currency you earn in Clan Operations from boss fights, represented by the purple hands icon on the top bar. Some items on the Black Market can only be purchased for Alliance Points.

How do I get Battle Packs? To do this, participate in promotions or buy packs for in-game currency.

How do I use combat sets? In the Inventory section you can find out the type and number of sets at your disposal. To open a set, go to the Store.

How do I open multiple Battlepacks at the same time if I have too many of them? You can now open up to 4 Battlepacks at the same time.

Where have my microprocessors gone? Microprocessors removed from the game. You were sent compensation in the form of consumable Silencers and Aegis (in case you previously spent microprocessors to improve them), as well as parts for creating a Prototype if microprocessors were previously in your inventory.

What are hologram icons? Hologram Badges are a new item that grants you bonuses. Bonuses depend on the type of badge and are valid only in PvP. Details can be found in the description of each hologram icon.

Where can I find other Holo icons? Holo badges are available in special blitz promotions.

How to put on or change the Holo Icon? Click on the character image in the upper left corner to open the display. You will find the Holo Icons tab under Gear Templates.

I need more banknotes! How do I get them? Banknotes can be obtained for completing tasks. Play as best you can to get bonuses and increase your income.

I get gold after PvP attacks and other actions, but my score on the track does not change. What to do? If the value does not increase, you need to improve the storage size by going to the “My Base” section and clicking the safe icon (to the left of the animated avatar).

How can Diamond Glasses be used? You can spend Diamond Points in the Shop from the Arms Merchants faction in the Domination section of the clan and when Companions are raised above rank 5.

Operation “Sniper”: Clan Guide

How to join a clan? To join a clan, do the following:

  • Make sure this feature is available (on the left side of the screen). If not, go through the first 2 regions (Murmansk and Shanghai).
  • Then find the clan you want using the search bar in the Clan section (use the exact name to search). Check your clan profile to make sure you meet all the requirements.
  • When you find a suitable clan, click the Join icon (if it is an open clan) or Request to join (if you can join the clan by invitation only).

Why can’t I join a clan even though there are still free places? A clan can be of a closed type (only members of this clan can invite new members) or you can join it only by invitation (you can independently apply for membership or wait for an invitation).

I want to join a friend’s clan. Why can’t I find it? To find a clan, go to Clans> Search and enter the name of the desired clan in the Find Clan field. Make sure you and your friend are playing on the same operating system. For technical reasons, Android, iOS and Windows players can only interact with players on the same system.

Is there a way to change the clan leader? The clan leader can transfer his powers to another player. Or, if the clan leader does not play an active game for a long period of time, any other player can try to take his place.

How do I donate to clan members? You can make a donation only at the request of other clan members. When a player asks for an item, you will receive a chat message: “[Player_Name] Asks for help!” With a “Provide” icon. Just click on this icon and select the number of items you want to share.

Can i share weapon blueprints with clan members? You cannot share your blueprints with clan members. This is provided by the application to ensure a level playing field.

What is a clan score in the Top Clan Rankings? A clan’s score is its achievements, which can change depending on the results of the war.Please note that there may be a delay in rating updates.

What are the requirements for creating a clan? When you reach the Jungle, go to the Clans section, enter a name and description (these are the minimum requirements for creating a clan).

What can be changed after creating a clan? You can change the name, logo and type of clan membership.

How to enable / disable officer privileges? Only the clan leader can manage the privileges for officers.

How can you hire non-clan players? You can only hire players or invite friends to an existing clan. To invite friends to a clan, do the following:

  1. Make sure to add the player as a friend in the game;
  2. Go to your friends list and select a friend’s profile;
  3. Click Invite;
  4. Make sure your friend accepted the request.

Can I change my clan name? Yes, you can. To do this, go to the Edit menu from the clan section, specify a new name and click the Update icon.

How can you chat with another player? You can chat in the clan chat (in the clan menu) or in the global chat (in the main menu).

Operation “Sniper”: Operations Walkthrough and Clan Warrior

How to participate in the Clan Operations promotion? To fight the boss, you need tokens. These can be found in the Find Tokens section under the Promotion Leaderboards.

Other than participating in Clan Operation raids, is there any other way to get Tokens? You can ask your clanmates for them in the chat. You can also ask them for experience cards and consumables. You can donate them to your clanmates yourself if necessary.

Why is the headshot bonus not valid in boss battles in Clan Operations or when attacking an opposing clan’s Reactor Core? Some bosses in Clan Operations, as well as the opposing team’s Reactor Core, have no heads, so headshots are not possible.

If I send soldiers to the clan war, how do I get them back? Companions of the 1st and 2nd level, regardless of the result, die after the infiltration stage in the clan war. You need to transfer them to the 3rd level or higher, so as not to lose them forever. Companions level 3 can be returned using the Restoration function (you can get it for a task or in a set). Companions of the 4th level can be cured with the help of the First Aid Kit. The status of an ally can be viewed in the list, for this go to the menu “My base”> “Companions”.

Why can’t I take part in the current clan war (after joining a clan)? To avoid inconsistencies, as the matchmaking system matches the strength of the clans before the start of the war. However, you will be able to take part in all subsequent wars.

My Clan Points are gone. What’s the matter? Clan points are the fruit of the entire clan’s labors, so they are reset when you leave the clan.

Why did I lose my 1st and 2nd level companions assigned to a stage in the clan war? Companions of the 1st and 2nd level, regardless of the result, die after the infiltration stage in the clan war. You need to transfer them to the 3rd level or higher so as not to lose them forever.

How do I get Clan Points as a reward for the boss action? To get Clan Points, you need to damage the boss. After that, the reward will be distributed among the players who inflicted damage on the boss, depending on their contribution. The more you contribute, the more rewards you will receive!

Why can’t I use buildings at the Clan Base (Clan Headquarters)? If you run out of Neutronium in the Reactor Core, secondary buildings stop working and their functions cannot be used until your clan obtains Neutronium to activate them.

How to increase / improve the Barracks in the clan war? Additional buildings, such as the Barracks, cannot have a level higher than the Reactor Core, so you need to upgrade it first. The Reactor Core supplies the rest of the buildings with electricity. With the improvement, its protection increases, and the reserves of neutronium last longer. If they are depleted, additional buildings (including the Barracks) are deactivated, and their capabilities cannot be used until your clan has obtained neutronium to activate them.

What rewards can be obtained in Clan Operations? In Clan Operations, you can get Clan Points.

Why am I not receiving rewards for participating in Clan Operations? Participation rewards are awarded only to players who have received a complete victory over the boss.

What rewards can be obtained in Clan Operations? You can get neutronium. Clan rating may also increase.

Operation “Sniper”: Passing Story Mode and Special Operations

How do I open more chapters of the quest? You need to complete story tasks in each chapter.

Can I open a new chapter without completing all the tasks of the current one? You cannot open new chapters without completing the previous ones.

How to complete the task? The objective of each mission is displayed on the map (in the upper right corner), on the briefing screen that you click to start the mission, and in the Game Menu. Reach the goal and the task will be considered completed. Some tasks can be difficult, especially if the time to complete them is limited.

Can I skip a specific mission in Story Mode? No. If you come across too difficult a task, upgrade your weapon and use the available consumables.

What are Special Operations and how to participate in them? Special operations are available after completing all the storyline tasks of the chapter. The Story Mission icon will change to the Special Ops icon. They are unique to each chapter: the more chapters you complete, the more Special Ops will be available to you. Their difficulty grows with each chapter, and with difficulty, the number of rewards increases.

How do I get bonus rewards for Special Operations? The probability of receiving a bonus reward is equal to the value by which you have exceeded this 100%. For example, after achieving 105% success, the probability of receiving the bonus will be 5%.

How to participate in promotions? Enter the Promotions menu and you will automatically subscribe to all valid promotions.

How to perform a multifragment? To perform a multifrag, kill multiple enemies with one shot.

I ran out of energy. How to top it up? When you start completing the next task, you will see a message asking you to wait until the energy is restored or buy it. In addition, energy is restored as the level rises.

Operation Sniper: How do I protect my account?

How do I change my player name?  If you are not yet logged into any social network, you can change your in-game name by going to Settings> Connection> Play as Guest and entering a new name; then click OK sniper fury cheat tool. If you are logged into Facebook or another social network, your in-game name will correspond to the name of your social network account and cannot be changed.

Where can I find my token? A token is an in-game alphanumeric code (a combination of letters and numbers) used to identify your account. It will help Customer Support quickly find your account when you need help. To submit your token, click on the level icon in the top bar.

How do I get and use OP? To see how many VP you have earned, click the level icon next to your avatar. Collect enough OP to level up.

Operation Sniper: Arsenal

I have collected all the blueprints for the Sturm mortar prototype, but I don’t see it in the arsenal. Why? Mortar Sturm is a prototype weapon that must be created before use (in this case, you will see the Create a copy icon under the weapon). You will also see that the weapon has 20 charges; each battle will consume 1 charge. When using the last charge, the weapon will be destroyed, and it will have to be re-created using microprocessors. In this case, the Create icon will appear under the weapon.

I want to disable the automatic 3D sight. How to do it? During the mission, pause the game and turn off the 3D Sight setting.

Where can I get pieces of equipment besides battle sets? If you have reached or passed the “Aircraft Carrier” region, you can also receive weapon parts (for the region you are in) in Multiplayer mode.

Some weapons are labeled “Automatic”. What does it mean? These sniper rifles do not require manual reloading after each shot. The tag is simply to make this feature more visible to the player.

Can I get rid of unnecessary weapons? Unfortunately, this option is not currently available.

I got camouflage. What is it for and how to use it? Camouflage is used to upgrade weapons. Click on the icon in the upper left corner, then select the desired type of camouflage.

I received the blueprint. What to do with him? Blueprints are parts of rare weapons that can be obtained in Combat sets and during promotions. After collecting a certain number of blueprints, you will receive a weapon. Only then can you use it.

How to craft weapons? To assemble a weapon, you need to find all of its blueprints. They can be found in different locations during the game (in Combat Sets, PvP battles, Daily rewards, etc.). After collecting all the blueprints, you will automatically receive a weapon.

How to use the scope? To do this, use the slider on the right side of the screen.

Operation Sniper: Avatar Secrets

Why can’t I see the equipment bonus for equipment from the Daily Reward? The bonus remains hidden until a complete set of equipment is assembled.

What is an avatar and how can I see it? An avatar is the player’s in-game character when attacking in a multiplayer game. How to find yours? Go to the avatar menu by clicking on your profile in the Main Menu or through the My Base menu.

What are pieces of equipment and how do I get them? Equipment can be used with an avatar for bonuses and additional protection. You can get equipment parts in Master Packs, Equipment Packs and some promotions.

What to do with a wishlist? In the avatar sections, click on an item to automatically add it to your wishlist. When you switch to another section, the item will be stored in the wishlist until you exit the avatar menu. To remove an item from your wishlist, go back to the item section and put it back in place using a piece of equipment that you already own.

What do the colors on the wishlist represent? Your current location in the avatar menu is indicated in the wishlist with a blue-green background. An icon with a blue background means that you have selected this item and want to buy it. A red background means that the selected piece of equipment is not available for direct purchase and can be obtained in another way. You can view the items that you can buy.

What is Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a mobile game developed by Robert Topala and released on August 13, 2013. Geometry Dash is based on The Impossible Game . The player controls the character , and his task is to reach the end of the level, on the way to which various traps and obstacles may come across .

Control is carried out using clicks: either pressing the space bar (additionally – the up arrow ) or the screen to which the character responds with a jump, or other actions that depend on the current game mode. The game is paid and available on Google Play , App Store and Steam.


Currently, there are 21 official levels and 1 secret , the reward for completing which are new skins and colors for changing the dice and other modes, as well as a reward in the form of stars and mana spheres . In addition to the main reward, three coins are hidden at each level , when collected, you can get access to certain levels (indicated in the table). There are two modes of passage in the game: normal mode and practice mode . Almost all levels in the game have the same names as the soundtracks used in them. Exceptions: Clubstep  ( original “Club Step” ), Blast Processing ( original “BlastProcess”) and Fingerdash  ( orig. “Fingerbang” ) mega hack v6 free download.

List of levels

No.LevelComplexityStarsMana OrbsSoundtrack composerOutput version
1Stereo Madness50 ForeverBoundInitial release
2Back on Track75 DJVIInitial release
3Polargeist100 StepInitial release
4Dry out125 DJVIInitial release
fiveBase after basefive 150 DJVIInitial release
6Can’t let go175 DJVIInitial release
7Jumper200 WaterflameInitial release
eightTime machineeight 225 WaterflameUpdate 1.1
nineCyclesnine 250 DJVIUpdate 1.2
tenxStepten 275 DJVIUpdate 1.3
elevenClutterfunkeleven 300 WaterflameUpdate 1.4
12Theory of Everything12 325 DJ-NateUpdate 1.5
13Electroman Adventuresten 275 WaterflameUpdate 1.6
(requires 10 )
fourteen 500 DJ-NateUpdate 1.6
fifteenElectrodynamix12 325 DJ-NateUpdate 1.7
sixteenHexagon Force12 325 WaterflameUpdate 1.8
17Blast Processingten 275 WaterflameUpdate 1.9
18Theory of Everything 2
(requires 20 )
fourteen 500 DJ-Nate and F-777Update 1.9
nineteenGeometrical Dominatorten 275 WaterflameUpdate 2.0
(30 required )
fifteen 500 F-777Update 2.0
21Fingerdash12 325 MDKUpdate 2.1
The challenge75 RobTopUpdate 2.1

Elements of the game

  1. Change the character’s appearance with icons and colors.
  2. Practice mode for level learning and training.
  3. Achievements with various awards.
  4. Level editor where you can create your own levels.
  5. Sets of levels , for the passage of which coins and stars are given.
  6. Lost Challenges that grant rewards such as Mana Orbs, Power Shards, and Icons for completing them .
  7. A leaderboard that brings together the best players from around the world.
  8. Hidden Vaults: Common , Secrets and Time Room , where new icons can be obtained by entering codes.
  9. Settings for stable gameplay.
  10. Everyplay support ( Android and iOS ).

Update log

The following table provides official information about the updates provided for iOS , bypassing secondary information (such as notification support).

1.0August 13, 2013Game release + 7 official levels and a level editor .
1.1September 14, 2013Take Time Machine to the next level with a new soundtrack.New gameplay mechanic – mirror mode .Added the ability to annotate custom levels .New unlockable icons and colors.Many bugs fixed, tweaks and improvements!
1.11October 4, 2013Added support for Everyplay. The ability to record and share replays with friends.Bugs fixed.
1.2October 21, 2013A new level of Cycles .New game mode – ball.2 new icons.Bugs fixed.
1.320 November 2013New level xStep .New leaderboard system .New details, level effects, etc.10 new icons and achievements .Error correction.New difficulty ” Demon “.
1.4December 26, 2013The next level of Clutterfunk .New unlockable ships.New details, level effects, etc.Error correction.
1.41December 28, 2013Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash when a player had more than 500 stars or 5 demon levels passed .
1.5January 30, 2014New level of Theory of Everything .New game mode – UFO.New unlockable ships and icons.New details, level effects, etc.Vote by stars and Demon difficulty.Copy / paste in the level editor.Many, many improvements.Error correction.
1.51February 1, 2014Bug fix, which, if you save a large map, crashes the game.
1.6March 25, 20142 new levels and soundtrack – Electroman Adventures and Clubstep .Secret coins at all levels.Destructible blocks.Transparent blocks.Sets of levels .Weekly leaderboard.New colors, icons, ships, balls, UFOs.Tweaks, bug fixes and more.
1.61April 4, 2014Bug fix on iOS 5 devices.Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.7May 22, 2014The next level of Electrodynamix .New speed mode (slow, normal, fast, very fast).New unlockable rainbow trail.New unlockable icons, ships, balls and UFOs.New color.Performance improvement.New search filters that make finding maps easier.New sets of levels.An option that allows other users to copy your online levels (for remixing levels).New tab system for fast construction in the editor .Many different improvements, tweaks and bug fixes.
1.71June 3, 2014Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.8August 7, 2014The next level of Hexagon Force .New dual game mode.Inclined objects.The ability to create levels for two players (on some devices).Lots of new decorations and effects.New achievements to complete.New unlockable icons, ships, balls and UFOs.New color.Performance improvement.Huge changes in the editor. Test your levels in the editor, free movement of objects, flip and rotate groups and more!Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.81August 8, 2014Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.9November 9, 2014New level of Blast Processing .Theory of Everything 2 level up .New game mode – wave.New music system. Build and share levels using music from Newgrounds.com .Backup system. Sync your progress across devices and platforms.User account system.New achievements, colors and icons.Lots of new details and objects.Ability to change the color of objects in the map editor (including 4 color channels).New search options.Improved server performance for loading levels.Increased object limit to 15,000 in the level editor.Many improvements and bug fixes.Lightened the third Stereo Madness coin .More!
1.91November 20, 2014Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.911November 21, 2014Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.921January 29, 2015New performance option that can reduce lag on some devices. To enable it, go to “Options> Smooth fix”.Added group features to the map editor.Increased object limit to 20,000 in the level editor.Tweaks and bug fixes.
1.93February 16, 2015Error correction.
2.0August 27, 2015The next level of Geometrical Dominator .New demon Deadlocked .Game mode – robot.Moving objects.Teleports.Custom coin system .User profile pages.The system of friends and sending letters.Leaderboard of friends.More than 50 new achievements and awards.Lots of new decorations.Animated monsters and objects.Preview mode in the editor.Many improvements in the map editor.Many bugs were fixed.Secrets …and more!
2.01October 7, 2015Bug fixes, and a big bug fixed on the Deadlocked level .
2.1January 17, 2017New level of Fingerdash .Spider mode.Lots of new gameplay objects.Collect new rewards.Quests .Daily levels .Many, many new designs.Lots of editor fixes.Lots of bug fixes.Secrets …and more!
2.11November 12, 2017 ( Steam ), November 14, 2017 ( Google Play )Correction of various bugs.Added Community Store .48 new chests.Adding all icons from the Icon Contest .A tab with the levels you like .The ability to collect levels into folders.Bots for cheating likes / dislikes / downloads have been eliminated.Added high quality textures to the game.Weekly demon .While viewing comments, you can hide the description of the level, and you can also make comments smaller.The moderators have an icon next to their nickname.Senior moderators have appeared.Ability to view the comments of a specific player.

Interesting Facts

  • The name of the game during the beta was Geometry Jump (Rus. Geometric jump ).
  • The music on the Geometry Dash menu was composed by Robert Topala under his Newgrounds Zhenmuron pseudonym .
  • On March 9, 2019, the game got an official Discord server , which, before RobTop joined it, was intended to communicate with the game moderators .
  • There is also a  free version that lacks a number of features. Nevertheless, it surpasses the full one in popularity several times.
  • If you open the game files, you will notice that there are files from Meltdown and World .
  • Completing all of the official levels from the original Geometry Dash (including The Challenge ) will reward you with 190 , 5625 and 63 .
  • Perhaps Hexagon Force should have been called Two Brothers [source?] .
  • On July 27, 2019, YouTube began banning Geometry Dash channels (due to the fact that its algorithms considered passing the same levels as spam).


  • When you jump a little earlier in any level, but do not die, then you can die in textures. This can happen in other games in the series.
  • If you died at the start and quickly restarted the level, the death effect will still be visible.

Make money with mini-games

On the Roblox platform, users can program games themselves. Some are so good at it that they can make a living from it.

Ordering pizza is what many are doing right now. Answer calls, bake the pizza, fill it and put it in the wood-burning oven, but very few people do that. At most virtually in “Work at a Pizza Place”. The game is one of the most popular on the online gaming platform Roblox, it has more than 1.9 billion views. The city simulation full of mini-games called “Meep City” and the criminal hunt “Jailbreak” are also in great demand.

These and many other games on the platform are mostly colorful, while the graphics and controls are rather simple. The figures look like Lego men or the pixelated characters from the brick building game Minecraft. Users can also meet their virtual friends and chat there. The target group of roblox mod menu download 2020, the name is derived from “robots” and “blocks”, are mainly teenagers and young adults. In Germany, the game is released from the age of twelve.

Founded in 2004 by the Canadian David Baszucki under the name “DynaBlocks”, the platform is immensely successful. It started with only 100 players, today there are around 150 million active players, 40 percent of them are women. For comparison: The also very successful online shooting game Fortnite had around 78 million active players per month in 2019, according to figures from developer Epic.

15 million games

However, there are a total of around 15 million games on Roblox that are programmed and created by users. And so the platform does not see itself as a Fortnite, but rather as a YouTube competitor. The games themselves are always free, but gamers can collect virtual currency in the game. If that is too strenuous or too slow, you can pay for the so-called Robux via in-app purchase.

One of the people who programs games on and for Roblox is the 22-year-old Pascal Köhler from East Friesland. He has been on the gaming platform for ten years, initially only as a player, later he began programming small games himself. He is now so successful that he can live on the income from his games.

Even if he only does this as a part-time job, the trained automation electronics technician works in the IT maintenance department of a company during the day. “I invest four hours a day in my games,” says Köhler. This is how he learned to program and that also benefited him during his training. He currently has twelve active games on the platform. You can ride a carousel or snowboard in them and feed fish in the aquarium.

Updates every week

In order to keep his up to 13 million players happy, Köhler tries to bring out updates every week, for example a particularly colorful snowboard or a new train for his train simulator. Meanwhile, Köhler also knows what the players like. In his opinion, these are mainly virtual amusement parks and simulations, but not all: his garbage truck simulator, for example, has hardly found any fans. Roblox is a lot of fun for him, says Koehler. You help each other and work a lot with others from all over the world. “Some can design better, others can program better.”

The tools that Pascal Köhler and his colleagues need to program their games are made available free of charge by Roblox in the “Roblox Studio” kit. It already contains templates for objects such as trees, zombies or cars and the software is based on a simple object-oriented programming language. There is also a wiki where the mostly young developers can find instructions and examples. There are around two million active game programmers on Roblox and, like Pascal Köhler, they share in the proceeds from the games.

The company deducts costs for the platform and payment systems from the revenue, the rest is shared with the developers. Roblox does not publish sales figures, in the last round of financing it was valued at four billion US dollars. According to Roblox, it distributed around 100 million US dollars to its programming community in 2019. These include individual top earners with two to three million US dollars.

One of them is Alex Binello, the developer of the most successful Roblox game “Meep City”. The US magazine Forbes already dedicated a cover story to him with the headline ” This is how Roblox krnl download executor trains the next generation of game entrepreneurs “. Pascal Köhler does not want to take this path, but he is still satisfied with his earnings.